SGS’ Quality Service for the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY

SGS has delivered customized technological solutions to some of the most recognized names in the healthcare industry, government and private sectors. We understand that medicine and healthcare need to go beyond the rich designs, automated interfaces and productive functionalities of a software application. Our healthcare software services provide customized solutions to the management of healthcare institutions as well as their patients with genuine care. The most advanced forms of technology are seamlessly integrated with the activities of healthcare organizations.


Business Intelligence


SGS offers predictive modeling and business intelligence software applications for various aspects of patient care, clinical operations, and administration.

Data Warehousing Solutions


Our team has expertise in developing customizable dashboards, reports, and application features to create a user‐friendly and easily navigable environment.

Legacy Migration Solutions


SGS can convert the existing legacy applications of healthcare institutions and hospitals to web based applications without impacting or losing any data.


CRM Solutions


We deliver Healthcare CRM solutions for improving the quality of care and for raising patient satisfaction through personalized, better-informed services.

ERP Solutions


SGS implements, supports and maintains ERP software for healthcare organizations. Our healthcare ERP solutions are built to meet the specific demands of healthcare businesses.

Customized Web Portals & Applications


SGS provides custom designed websites and innovative web applications with specific solutions for hospitals as well as large-scale healthcare organizations.

Our Unique Offerings for the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY

SGS offers multiple solutions for healthcare organizations that are scalable and easy to maintain. We specialize in providing customized and goal-oriented healthcare IT Software solutions.

EHR Software


SGS can develop healthcare applications that will allow medical professionals across multiple health care organizations to not only have access but be able to provide input and update patient data.

Medical Billing Software


We can provide customized solutions that will increase the accuracy and speed of the billing process for healthcare organizations. The entire billing process can get automated.

Medical Practice Management Software


We can assist healthcare organizations to manage different aspects including patient information management, treatment scheduling and back office functions such as accounting.


Medical Scheduling Software


Medical institutions can manage patient appointments, reduce patient wait-times and allocate relevant medical staff with the medical scheduling software solutions we develop.

Home Health Care Software


We develop solutions that coordinate business operations and processes such as scheduling appointments, client and caregiver coordination as well as all types of documentation.

Pharmacy Software


We can develop applications that aid large pharmacy chains across Florida manage medications as well as their chemical effects such as potency, side effects, or toxicity.