Top Frameworks to Develop Mobile Applications

The popularity of business mobile app development continues to rise. This trend has gone beyond ordinary mobiles and smart phones; the concept of mobile app development now reaches the target audiences through android devices, tablets and other hand-held devices as well. However, this exemplary demand for customized app development also requires the use of most advanced technology. The reason is a speedy and accurate process of developing cross platform mobile applications for businesses in Florida. The choice of coding languages and/or Javascript frameworks is of significance here. There are several options and frequent new releases. Here are the most popular among them:

Phone Gap Framework: It is a cross-platform mobile app development framework which enables development of mobile applications in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. This framework is the best choice for developing hybrid mobile applications. It also has the advantage of adding more features with the addition of add-ons.

Mobile Angular UI: Being an extension of Bootstrap framework, Mobile Angular UI features unique mobile components such as overlays, sidebars, switches, and scrollable areas. These make it easier to convert a web application into a mobile version by adding a CSS file in this framework. The results will be mobile responsive and touch enabled mobile applications.

Titanium framework: The framework is an open-source framework specifically designed for developing cross platform mobile applications. Titanium enables the development of feature-rich applications owing to its platform-independent. This in turn facilitates accessing access advanced native device features that include GPS, cameras, touchscreen, maps, storage, navigation, and contacts.

jQuery Mobile: This ensures uniform access of an application across different mobile versions and screen resolutions. Applications developed with jQuery mobile can be viewed with all the major web browsers, mobile platforms and operating systems such as Android, Symbian, iOS, as well as Blackberry. jQuery also enables the creation of highly customized web applications with desired color schemes and various CSS aspects of UI.

React Native: This is an open source framework that provides a lot of support for IDEs and other mobile application development tools. React Native in fact was also be used to develop Facebook’s mobile application. This framework is considered to be on the most apt ones for creative Android and iOS based native applications. It offers lots of plugins while using lesser memory storage.

Xamarin: The biggest advantage of Xamarin is that it saves a lot of time as it enables code sharing. Across platforms Xamarin also offers highly efficient interface development tools.The advantages of Xamarin include native UI, access to device-specific features and also native performance.

The popular frameworks and the benefits of each have been mentioned. But a framework is only a tool. It requires skilled resources for making use of all its benefits. Headquartered in Jacksonville, SGS Technologie has over 16 years of experience in developing specific-purpose mobile applications and our developers have subject matter expertise in each of these frameworks. Drop us a mail or call us regarding what mobile application you have in mind. We will be glad to offer you the best framework.